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We are pleased to announce that we are operational and fully compliant with the regulations as set out by our government.

All Valueyourcar.co.za staff members have been certified Covid19 Free and we will continue to follow all safety regulations and protocol.

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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Valueyourcar.co.za will not be held responsible for any downtime experienced on the website.

The Trade and Retail Values provided are accurate and directly linked to the TransUnion Autoguide.

The service is offered as a free tool to private individuals who would like to inquire about the trade and retail values on their personal vehicles.

Valueyourcar.co.za urges private individuals to rather refer their friends and families to the website as opposed to submitting evaluations on their behalf.

Valueyourcar.co.za reserves the right to differentiate between a private individual and a company / other individual who utilizes our service for business purposes.

Any individual or company who has been red flagged as utilizing the service for business purpose, will automatically be blocked off the system.

Companies or any other individual who would like to utilize the website on a regular basis, will need to contact Valueyourcar.co.za for an account application.

Other individuals refer to, but are not limited to, buyers and sellers, insurance companies, attorney’s, dealerships, dealers in motor vehicles, etc.

By definition, a buyer and seller refers to a company or individual who buys and sells motor vehicles to earn an income, be it full time or part time.

By completing and submitting the evaluation form, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions stipulated.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions could result in legal action being taken.

Teresa Fischer

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"What an AMAZING experience. Fast. Efficient. You guys really go the extra mile!! If I ever want to sell my next vehicle, you will be top of my list!"

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"I was blown away by these guys. Best deal offered by a long shot. Deal concluded in 2 days. Money in the bank. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you."