Buying or Selling Your Car

Whether you’re getting ready to buy that car you’ve had your eye on for ages, or finally sell your trusty set of wheels and upgrade to a newer model, there are a few things you need to know.

By understanding some of the ins and outs of vehicle sales (including the all-important process of finding out what your car is worth) you’ll be able to get the best possible deal as a buyer or seller.

It’s all about the value...

Buyers and sellers are usually interested in one important figure – the sales price of the car they are buying or selling – and of course, the better the price...the better the deal.

The book value of a car is calculated by using a daunting-sounding financial tool called a depreciation formula. Fortunately, car brokers and insurance companies do the maths for you and publish the book value of cars on a regular basis.

The only problem is, book value is usually different than the price you’ll pay for a car, which results in many people asking themselves, “How do I know that the book value is the price that I should use to sell my car”?

Want to know how to really value your car?

Considering how important it is to know the fair price of a vehicle (so that you don’t buy or sell it and get a bad deal) very few consumers know how to work out the actual value of their vehicle. That’s where we come in, in a very easy way.

If you’d like to get an accurate valuation on your vehicle, simply visit our website today and input your car’s particulars. You will need to have certain information at hand namely; your vehicle type, year of first registration, the make and model, the condition and mileage of your vehicle, and lastly, why you need a real value (buying, selling, insurance valuation etc). You’ll get a free, accurate quote that's accredited by TransUnion that will help you buy or sell your car at the best possible price. If you are happy to accept our valuation you could even request a visit from one of our representatives to consider an on-the-spot cash offer.

Don’t waste time driving from one dealer to the next to get a value on your car when you can get an actual value right now with our free book value calculator. What are you waiting for?